Considered an ancient modality of healing, Sacred Sound refers to the various practices in which music, sound, and the voice are used to achieve well-being, health, and wholeness. Many indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions around the world have universally practiced the art of sound making in the form of chants, mantras, songs, and drumming to facilitate inner harmony and balance. 

Physically and spiritually therapeutic, Sacred Sound practices have been proven to reduce stress, relieve pain, increase energy levels in the body, and induce feelings of peace and tranquility.  In addition to its healing benefits, sound and music traditions create a sacred communal haven in which to reconnect ourselves to the mysteries of being and the vastness of consciousness.  

Sound and music ceremonies have been part of an ancient legacy that has uplifted the human spirit for thousands of years.  Sacred Sound Tribe endeavors to continue that legacy, sharing the healing experience of vibrational medicine and intentional sound in an effort to foster an environment of shared vision, healing, and unity.


An exploration of the auditory senses is experienced with an array of sounds to ground and center the luminous body.  The tranquil and reverberating resonances of various instruments, Tibetan bowls, bells and tuning forks, followed by the gong create an environment of safety and inner balance, as well as a release from everyday anxieties. 

The seamless blend of harmonic tones brilliantly combine as a sound meditation to reduce stress, calm the energy centers, and provide a deep relaxation response.  All of the sound vibrations encourage a gentle and blissful return to a more natural state of being.


A mystical alloy of nickel-silver, the venerable gong commands one's essence with its rich and penetrating tones.  It is destined to cleanse the mind's palette to bring forth presence and stillness.

The significance of the gong lies in its ability to arouse healing states of consciousness.  Its earth vibrations grants listeners access to inner wisdom, inspired vision, and heightened intuition. 

These expansive sonic impressions fuel the emotional release necessary to reach new states of self-awareness and cosmic connectedness.  The gong humbly serves as a profound reminder of our truly mysterious and divine nature, and the all-encompassing oneness of our reality.